Abandoned Kentucky 

If Walls Could Talk

Built in 1891
This 11,500 sq ft beauty took 5 years to complete
Total cost of $50,000
( $1.4 million in todays money )
After being abandoned and neglected for almost 15 years, it sold in 2020 and is now in process of being restored.
Built around 1850
    This is one of my favorites. 
This home belonged to a very prominent family who contributed greatly to the county, donating land, building and donating a local church. 
Dr. James Harrison Moore House
Built in 1891
This Italian Style Villa was situated on a hill and with its three story tower, it had one of the best views at the time.

(Due to poor condition and years of neglect, the house was torn down in 2020)
Old is the new sexy!
Abandoned Limestone Mine
1897 - 1979

Little house..Big Love
I was contacted by a lady shortly after photographing this home and she was telling me how every Sunday the family would gather here (Her grandparents home) and would have Sunday dinners.

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Built in the early 19th century
This Gothic Revival style home was built by Wilse McElroy, an African American architect who built many other homes and churches in the county.
Curiosity ?
Each abandoned house tells a story. Unfortunately, many of these will never be heard. 
Built in 1812
Greek Revival Architecture 
Abandoned Hotel
Built in 1913
The greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places
Youth is a gift of nature, but age is a work of art.
1955 Caddy
   Old buildings still hold their beauty with        age, you know they are old but they still
            hold that magic about them.
    Grove House
                                     Built around 1850
While some see decay, others see years       and years of history and beauty.
Young's Grocery
Owned and run by the Young family continuously for 57 years.
The store seemed to be a favorite for residents there, everyone would gather to play croquet, horseshoes and the community kids would play softball and football games.
The store was torn down in 2019
1940's Dodge Desoto
Built in 1878

The rumor is that in the early 1970's this home suffered foundation damage from a tornado that struck in the middle of the night. The repair costs were substantial causing the family to leave and build another home. The house still remains within the family but is only used for farming today. 
Old is the new sexy!
Brewers Mill
If you get bit by the "Abandoned Exploration" bug

Keep in mind these properties have been abandoned for a long time and possibly structurally unsound. Be aware of what your walking on while on the property, many homes have old water wells, cellars and structures that may have been removed but pieces are still buried among the weeds and ivy. If you enter a property, keep in mind the property has been abandoned for many years, floors and staircases are weak and wouldn't take much to collapse. 

If your exploring alone, tell someone where you are, snap a quick picture of your location and text it to them if possible. If possible take someone with you.

Do not take anything from a property!
We have all been tempted to take a souvenir...Don't! It's not yours and just because it's been left in an abandoned property doesn't mean it's yours to take.
Abandoned Water Treatment Center
     Sometimes properties aren't as abandoned as we think
Built in 1845
Greek Revival Architecture
Due to severe neglect the home needed over $3 million dollars of restore costs, due to the extreme costs the home was demolished.
Why are abandoned places creepy?

A fear of the unknown?
We fear what we don't know, or fully understand.                                     
Stare at the dark too long and you will eventually see what                                          isn't there.
All that remains of a cabin built in the early 1930's hidden in the hillside of Kentucky.
Built in 1907 with a total stock of $75,000
Cashiers earned $50.00 a month.
The bank closed in 1931 during the great depression.
Built in 1812
I was told the owner of this house had a facelift done to the front of the house so his son could surprise propose to his girlfriend while everyone attended a party in the front yard. 
( If you look closely you will notice most of the glass in the windows is missing )
Abandoned Railroad Tunnel 
Waveland Manor
Built in the 1700's
This is a house I lived in as a child
The home was neglected and became abandoned for many years and was eventually torn down and during the demo process they discovered within the shell of the house was a small wooden cabin that dated back to 1700's
Abandoned Ford
Abandoned Chevy
You never know what will pop-up in a photograph
Old abandoned homes were once               beautiful dreams
Abandoned Hotel 
Built 1913
Beyond its weathered skin and within the depth of its heart, lingers the souls of the people that once were born, lived and died                        within its walls.
"Exploration is curiosity put into action" 




Faulkners Motel

This once thriving, family owned and operated motel was smothered out when a new large highway was constructed bypassing this area, the motel struggled to stay in business and eventually lost the battle and closed its doors.

Due to severe vandalism for many years the motel became a hazard and was demolished in 2019.