Abandoned Kentucky 

If Walls Could Talk

Sometimes there is a history behind the abandonment, but mostly these large beautiful homes are abandoned for reasons we may never know or understand.
Sabra Walker walked down this staircase when she married Charles Barbour in 1937. She was met by her father at end of staircase and he walked her into the grand living room for the ceremony.
Frozen in time
You never know what you will find behind those boarded up windows and doors.
Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it
Abandoned Grist Mill
Built in 1884
Abandoned Grist Mill
Built in 1901
The main question everyone always asks is how did this happen?
The main reason is repair costs!
Rewiring, replumbing & foundation repair are just a few reasons. Too often the price for bringing a house back to life is prohibitive.
Sometimes the owners pass away and leave no will, then other times the house is inherited by a relative who resides out of state and have no interest in the property.   
Abandoned bank ledger
These were discovered in an attic of an abandoned home.

After researching the signature and name at the bottom of this art piece, I discovered this was created by a well-known artist and the estimated value of this was $8,000 - $11,000