Abandoned Kentucky 

If Walls Could Talk

I was born in New Jersey, but grew up in Kentucky. I met my wife in high school and we married shortly after graduating and just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. We have one child and became grandparents for the first time in 2020.

I'm a self taught abandoned and historic locations photographer. I enjoy discovering, capturing and being able to bring fascinating history to others.
I began photography as a hobby, a way to relax and slow down. I began photographing any and everything possible. I soon realized that I was drawn to old abandoned houses. The unknown, the curiosity and possibilities are addicting. I've never had trouble finding these hidden gems, our landscape is littered with them and its almost impossible to drive anyplace without seeing numerous houses hidden behind years of weeds, ivy and over grown trees that act as a camouflage.

The more ways we cut ties with the past, the more we diminish our futures!

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